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Let the fragrance of flowers come into your life

mother's day bouquet

Carnations, roses, gypsophila and more...

Valentine's Day bouquet

Rose, white lily, rose flower, sunflower, buckwheat flower, lavender, gypsophila, forget-me-not...

boutique gift

Dried flower products, custom jewelry and other gifts...

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graduation bouquet

White rose, white bellflower, star of Bethlehem, sunflower, bird of paradise...

opening flower stand

Anthurium, Lily, Orchid, Sunflower ..

daily flowers and green plants

Chamaedorea cataractarum Mart.,chrysanthemum, peony, etc...



Valentine's Day bouquet
graduation bouquet
mother's day bouquet
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Let the fragrance of flowers come into your life

common problem

Usually about 3 to 4 days, if the ambient temperature is relatively low, it can be extended to about a week.

Dried flowers should be kept out of direct sunlight as this will speed up the fading and weathering of dried flowers. At the same time, do not place dried flowers in damp places

For flowers, you can add a small amount of sugar to the water in the flower bottle, trim the leaves and stems and cut them. Before you receive the bouquet and put it in a bottle, trim off the lower leaves first, which can prevent the lower leaves from rotting after the flowers are put into the bottle. , affecting water quality

Our colleagues will inform you about the habits of the corresponding plants when you buy them. Generally, tropical ferns prefer humid environments, and they need to be sprayed regularly to keep them moist, etc…

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